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Tropicals! August 29, 2008

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Hey folks, one word:

School. Anyways….

My two best papayas, I’ve really pampered them.

My mango seed is sprouting, finally. It looked dead but it has a nice root and tiny sprout.

An Avo seedling, sprouted from a seed from our tree.

Lychee seed germinating!

My pepino melons are doing great. Is it a bad idea to transplant it to a bigger pot while it has fruit on it?

My Stevia Rebaudiana plant. I have two, and they’re just fantastic.


2 Responses to “Tropicals!”

  1. Red Icculus Says:

    wicked awesome max.

  2. E.H. Says:

    Those really are some beautiful plants. To your question on the melons – I wouldn’t recommend transplanting during fruiting.

    Transplanting generally shocks a plant which will arrest its growth for a little while. It could abort some or all of the fruit in an attempt to conserve resources. I haven’t grown those particular melons myself, but if it were me I’d try to wait if I could.

    If there’s just no way they’ll be very happy without a bigger pot, I suppose sooner is better than later, just keep in mind that it may go pear-shaped on you.

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