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Not my garden, but close ;) October 15, 2008

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Hi dad!


This is going to be a ***** if I have to add tags around these for them to show up! ):<

EDIT: Arg, I had to xd


6 Responses to “Not my garden, but close ;)”

  1. Red Icculus Says:

    Welcome back Max! Looks good!

  2. E.H. Says:

    Is that the unlikely tomato plant that grew in the driveway crack? Impressive plant!

  3. stoatmax Says:

    Thanks Matt!
    E.H.: Sure is 😀

  4. E.H. Says:

    Definitely save a bunch of those seeds!

    If it can grow into a monster like that in harsh conditions… that’s some good genetics right there.

    Did your dad feed it at all?

  5. E.H. Says:

    I hope everything’s okay on your end. I know I haven’t been keeping up on my blog but I’m hoping to get a lull between holidays and catch up the events of my little indoor gardening adventure.

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