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This is what happens… May 31, 2008

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…When starting seeds gets away from you `-`


Swallowtail Garden Seeds review May 23, 2008

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Find their site here.

I ordered all three strawberries on the page 3 days ago. As stated in the shipping info, they were set to arrive in 3 days. They did. I came home from school today to find a medium sized, puffy orange envelope sitting on my desk. I opened the orange envelope. I found a white envelope. I opened it. I found 3 seed packets and the shipping information. The packets had germination info and a description of my plant. I opened the packets. I found a miniature plastic-bag. Inside that I found a small white envelope. Inside the envelope were my seeds.

And inside the seeds? Everything required to make an extremely complex living thing which is different than any other seed of the same variety, from the same plant, taken from the exact same fruit.

From the start, just the package made me think. That’s a very good thing.

The people at Swallowtail Garden seeds have provided me with a pleasant overall experience. Their prices/delivery rates are, at the very least, quite reasonable, their selection is much more than fair, and the service I’ve been provided through email and the haste of my delivery have made this a simple, incredibly buyer-friendly experience for me. If you’re looking for good delivery, customer service, price, and a wide array of products for your next seed purchase, I highly reccomend Swallowtail Garden Seeds.