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Water feeding August 15, 2008

Filed under: Garden — stoatmax @ 2:08 pm

Allegedly, if you insert one end of a candlewick in water, and the other in the stem of a cucurbit, the water wicked up into the stem will feed the fruit and increase it’s size, moisture, and quicken ripening.

I’m currently experiment with this on a crimson sweet watermelon. I’ve used a piece of 100% cotton. I’ve drilled a hole in the stem, inserted one end of the cotton in the stem and the other in a bottle of water. It’s wicks completely to the stem, and stays completely soaking wet. It uses up water quickly, and seems to be doing the melon good.

I’ll be doing another experiment with water feeding, and taking pictures as it goes along. Expect it soon.


One Response to “Water feeding”

  1. E.H. Says:

    Well if my pumpkin plant every actually bears fruit I might have to try this out. My female flowers turn yellow and drop off without opening, so I never get the chance to pollinate.

    Plus, I think I’ve got vine borers, so I’m not optimistic.

    I definitely want to see how this works for you though, because I’m going big on pumpkins next year.

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