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This is what happens… May 31, 2008

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…When starting seeds gets away from you `-`


Garden Photos

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Hokay meng, another picture post.

So all 3 toy-choi seeds germinated. I found it interesting that on Burpee’s website it looks very different thanthe amazing choi that Matt grew. It was most likely the nutrients.

The spinach is just starting to germinate as well.



rssHugger May 29, 2008

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I’m currently in the process of adding my blog to rssHugger, a site with which you can find blogs by going through your favorite categories. I hope, by, adding my blog to rssHugger, I’ll get a larger fanbase 😉

I recommend rssHugger for any blogger who would like to have a boost in pageviews. I already know matt uses it, and it seems to work well for him.

Stay tuned folks, picture post coming after school today.


Another picture post! May 28, 2008

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These are fun, so here it comes again!

First of all:




Delicious. May 27, 2008

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Hey, remember the ripe cherry tomato, the one I said I’d do something special with?

I ate it >:3


Short post, I know, but I’ll get a good one today or tomorrow. 😀


Bonus Pics!~ May 26, 2008

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Me and my dad took some more photos this morning, we thought we’d share with you folks 🙂

My dad’s pictures..



Garden Pictures Update!

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Well, I’m at it again. The last picture post brought my pageviews up to phenomenal levels.

Some new tomato growth 🙂 It’s been growing like a weed…

And that tomato that was ripening? It’s ripe and ready to pick, but I’m saving it for something special.