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Not my garden, but close ;) October 15, 2008

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Hi dad!


This is going to be a ***** if I have to add tags around these for them to show up! ):<

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Tropicals! August 29, 2008

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Hey folks, one word:

School. Anyways….

My two best papayas, I’ve really pampered them.

My mango seed is sprouting, finally. It looked dead but it has a nice root and tiny sprout.

An Avo seedling, sprouted from a seed from our tree.

Lychee seed germinating!

My pepino melons are doing great. Is it a bad idea to transplant it to a bigger pot while it has fruit on it?

My Stevia Rebaudiana plant. I have two, and they’re just fantastic.


Damn you, geometrid caterpillars August 24, 2008

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Stop eating my taters!


Water feeding August 15, 2008

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Allegedly, if you insert one end of a candlewick in water, and the other in the stem of a cucurbit, the water wicked up into the stem will feed the fruit and increase it’s size, moisture, and quicken ripening.

I’m currently experiment with this on a crimson sweet watermelon. I’ve used a piece of 100% cotton. I’ve drilled a hole in the stem, inserted one end of the cotton in the stem and the other in a bottle of water. It’s wicks completely to the stem, and stays completely soaking wet. It uses up water quickly, and seems to be doing the melon good.

I’ll be doing another experiment with water feeding, and taking pictures as it goes along. Expect it soon.


Finally! August 10, 2008

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Sorry about the delay, I’ve finally willed myself to post!

A lot of things have been happening. I’ve received a ton of cuttings, sprouted a few papaya, got a ton of new things.

Hawaiin Papaya has germinated. It’s doing really well, I’ve got it in coco-mix and humisoil.

Here’s a large tray of Papaya, Passion Fruit, Date, Rambutan, and Lychee seeds.

My mom’s friend Jack was nice enough to give me some plumeria cuttings. Fun!

I just bought a thompson’s seedless grape today. We’re making an arbor for it soon.

Stevia Jungle! Jealous Matt? 😀

I just bought a pepino melon plant as well. I’ll have delicious pepinos soon!

Our strawberries have stopped producing and are focusing on heavy runner production. Next year..

My greenhouse is FULL of fussy Datura, begonia, impatien, and tropical cuttings right now, thanks to Jack.

I hope they root!

We pulled our Sugar snaps after the powdery mildew became too fierce. Pole beans are now in.

Melons, Sugar Baby and Crimson Sweet.


And last, but not least…


I’ll be writing a review soon on it’s performance. I really like the idea of such simple hydroponics.

‘Til next time!


Spiny, wingless, fly-like creature eating my tomato plant. July 23, 2008

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… I think. They’re thick on the lower stems, and they look odd. Both they and a lot of small, golden ants are covering the stems. I was thinking they were some kind of nymph. I don’t know. They’re smaller than a normal house fly. Here are a few pics:

What are these? Will they harm my ‘maters?