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On the 10th.. August 12, 2008

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..I was stung by a bee and suffered an allergic reaction for the first time.

I’ve been stung about 3 times in the past 3 weeks, and I refuse to mow my grass because I want to have bees in the yard. I’ve only ever gotten blood poisoning before, but we’d put mud on the sting and blood poisoning wouldn’t happen.

This time, I got stung and started to get hot. Really, really hot. I rushed inside, and looked up the symptoms and I started itching really bad on my head. I was getting hives, another symptom. We didn’t know much about it, and I was hesitant to get a shot, so we put it off for a tiny bit before I went to the hospital. While my mom drove like a loony, I knew I had to have my dad give me the epipen. I had hives all over, I was so hot, I had severe chest pain, my fingertips and lips were numb. I could feel me breath getting labored. He found a good size muscle on my thigh, I patted it to numb it, and he jabbed in the needle. It didn’t hurt a bit, I counted to ten, and that sweet, sweet Epinephrine took effect. My breathing took a while to get back to normal, but I could feel it helping.

I stayed a few hours at the hospital, and because of Epinephrine (adrenaline) injection, I felt the crash. I got really tired, really sore, really fast. They monitored me for a while and told me that I had an upper-middle severity reaction. Because the reactions get worse each time you get stung, I know I have to administer the injection immediately then go to the hospital. I’m glad I’m okay, my dad was really worried and scared.

It’s funny.. I didn’t even feel the sting much. I heard my dad yell, and I thought something was wrong so within a second I was outside of the house and where he was. It wasn’t an emergency, he just wanted to make sure I could hear him, I had my headphones on. Well, somebody had been careless with picking our squash and uprooted a plant. Unfortunately, in my haste, I ran through the clover and had a small stinger in one of my smaller toes. I scraped it out with a fingernail, we got mud on it, but it was too late, I felt the heat and just had a feeling that this would be an allergic reaction. I’m happy I’ve learned what to do in this situation, it’s a dangerous allergy, but with proper precautions won’t harm me.


It’s funny… July 1, 2008

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…what little things can make you smile.


Fire.. June 20, 2008

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There was a big fire about a mile away from my house in the hills. It was spreading fast, but they put it out. I doubt anybody got hurt/lost anything, because it was mostly grasses burned, but you never know. The summer heat makes for perfect fire conditions.


End of the year work June 6, 2008

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So, tomorrow is the grade cut-off date, and I’ve been hauling arse making up work to get my grade as high as possible before Graduation. I’ve had a lot of work I’ve been doing, but bear with me and in a while I’ll give you all a good post, mmkay?

Here’s one:


Garden Photos May 31, 2008

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Hokay meng, another picture post.

So all 3 toy-choi seeds germinated. I found it interesting that on Burpee’s website it looks very different thanthe amazing choi that Matt grew. It was most likely the nutrients.

The spinach is just starting to germinate as well.



Stay Tuned, Folks! May 13, 2008

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I’m going to be reporting on the efficiency of my new General Hydroponics WATERFARM® and the progress of the plants I’ll be growing in it. I’m going to be using it for all kinds of new things, maybe some that haven’t been tried before! Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be starting this as soon as I recieve it and get it set up.


There’s an octopus in my garden, oh dear!

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A month ago, a school assignment was given to my friend Christian. The point was to write a letter to a celebrity asking for something. Christian decided to write to Ringo Starr, a former member of the Beatles. He asked for a poster. Lo and behold, I helped him pick up a package from the office today containing a Poster of Ring Starr and His All-Starr Band, framed in glass and a black wooden frame. But best of all, it was Autographed! If I recall correctly Ringo, Peter Frampton, and a few others signed it! It was really exciting, and he’s going to hang it on his wall later today. I’ll get a picture of it if I can.