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Scotts Vs. Terracycle June 30, 2008

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I recently read about the travesty that is Scotts lawsuit against Terracycle.

For those who don’t know, Terracycle is a small, New Jersey based company. It was started bye Tom Szaky and  Jon Beyer, both freshmen at Princeton at the time. Their product is mainly liquified “worm poop” which is bottled in recycled plastic containers.

As taken from wikipedia:

Scotts Miracle-Gro Company recently sued TerraCycle for copyright infringement and false advertising. Scotts claims that TerraCycle’s packaging takes from designs and shapes from Scotts products. Scotts, in the 177-page lawsuit, also claims that TerraCycle falsely advertises the superiority of its products.

In response to the lawsuit, TerraCycle and affiliates launched an internet and media campaign to bring attention to the lawsuit. The central website,, paints the lawsuit in David and Goliath terms, claiming that the lawsuit is simply the big company picking on the little guy.

I also have an article on the subject, which I found very powerful.

Because of the awful intentions of Scotts, I’ve decided to completely stop my use of the fertilizer.

I’ve also decided to try Terracycle fertilizer, to help support this small company.

I suggest you do the same.

In lighter subject, we’ve harvested our first cucumber. We plan on making cucumber and onion salad.


Gardenrific Picture Post June 29, 2008

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Well, my garden is coming along well, it’s really changed! The peas are at the top of their trellis, the 5 tomatoes have filled their square cage.. It’s almost overwhelming.

Here are the peas, they’re producing, and heavily.

Here are the peas themselves.. I don’t think we have the patience to let them plump up!

To the left, we have.. CUKES!

This and one other are ready to pick.



Bee’s sting. June 26, 2008

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I’m allergic to bees, no big deal. I have yet to go into anaphylactic shock even once, but when I get stung I get blood poisoning. Well, even though I’ve been really careful, a bee was sitting in the middle of the dirt, and it stung me. As soon as I stepped down, I remembered that pain, and it really hurt. I had to pull the bee out, and of course..

It stung me between the toes. I had my dad help me remove the stinger, and he then picked up a wet gob of mud, an old remedy to suck the poison from bee stings. We put it between my toes, because as the clay dries, a vaccuum sucks up all the poison. I honestly didn’t want to give myself an injection, and that was only in an anaphylactic emergency. I’m better now, and the clay-poultice took away the pain.

A possible emergency was averted today, and even after being careful I was stung. Be careful.


Prolific tomato June 25, 2008

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Well. It sure has grown. Remember the picture I took of the tomato growing in a neighbor’s sidewalk crack? I took the photo on may 16.

Here’s a photo I took yesterday, June 24..

Amazing, no? I took a cutting from it yesterday, and I hope to have it root. This is an extremely hardy tomato, which I believe to be a cherry based on the size of the blossoms.

Growing nearby, there was a nightshade growing.

Does anybody have any explanation as to why a tomato is growing so well in a crack in the ground, let alone, without much human interaction? Thanks.


‘Organic’ Rant June 22, 2008

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I’m sick of seeing organic used as a buzz word. Don’t get me wrong, I love organics. I love that ‘Green’ is also catching on. But for god’s sake, this is getting stupid. And most of all, it’s affecting me, because I can’t stand stupid ****. Many times I ask people who mentions organics what it means. Not surprisingly, they have no idea. You can throw organic on anything you want, but it doesn’t make it good for the environment, or even for you. Everybody thinks if it’s organic, it must be healthy, right? I know one thing it’s unhealthy for; Your wallet.

When I go to the Farmer’s Market, I expect to be able to buy plants, veggies, and whatever else they have there, and hey, as an added bonus, maybe I can get it all for cheap. Instead, I get a rude awakening. As I entered today, a crowd had gathered. What were they doing? Waiting in line for tamales. AT 9 IN THE MORNING. We hobbled along, enjoying some of the sites. We came upon a peach stand. Nobody knows how things are supposed to taste anymore.

Now, my dad grew up in Northern California, where it’s hot as hell and everything grows amazingly. He grew up with the sweetest of veggies and fruit. When we came upon this peach stand, we were greeted by a relatively old man. Maybe he would understand good fruit? True flavor? As me and my dad picked through the peaches to see if any were good, smelling them along the way… Nary an odour graced our sniffers. The man then smelled a peach behind the counter which looked to be ripe. Looked to be tasty, dare I say… Flavorful? He offered it to us for free, so that we could try it. He swore it smelled like a peach. He swore it smelled delicious. He even told us something was wrong with our sniffers! Bah. We walked along, I don’t know about my dad, but I was afraid to try the bland smelling peach in fear of disappointment. It was.. Awful. It was ripe, but.. It was slightly sour, pithy, tasted nothing like a peach, and wasn’t sweet. IT DIDN’T EVEN HAVE PEACH FUZZ. What do they do, shave the peaches?

We ended up throwing the peach away after both me and my dad had taken a bite. It wasn’t worth even carrying it around. Nothing is worth buying at the farmer’s market because not only is it expensive, it’s of poor quality.

Here’s what bothers me: As I said earlier, nobody knows true taste. Unless the people who grow these things are lying to get fruit sold, they don’t even know how it’s supposed to taste. Apparently, pithy, hard, bitter, tasteless apricots are “Good.” I feel sorry for these people. These.. City slickers. They happily buy bad tasting fruit, but don’t know any better. They think it’s good. But if they tasted the real deal, they would feel foolish.

Back to the subject of Green and Organic.




… Huh. At first site, a naive ‘green’ person would think this was a good idea, is good for the environment, and is a renewable resource, blah.

Never mind that COTTON, WOOL, LINEN, SILK, even HEMP are natural, renewable textiles. No, we’re not happy with our cotton shirt. We have to hang out with our new ‘we help the environment’ friends and tell them ALLLLLLLLL about the benefits of a bamboo shirt. It’s all about the climate crisis, the environment, organic, green. It’s all just a fad whose participators are hypocrites. You can be green. Be whatever, I don’t care.

As long as I don’t see you, hear you, or witness you being a selfish, smug SOB, we should be on good terms.


Even more garden photos. June 21, 2008

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Hello, all! I’m biding for time until a key component of my grow log arrives in the mail.

SSP’s are doing amazingly, we’ve extended the height.

The first pea is developing…

Our tomatoes are taking over, along with our cucumbers.

Sweet peas are in bloom.

Our bush beans are doing well. The nursery bought beans, however, are not.

Our Serrano and Jalapeno are both growing well.

Nearby, our regular sunflowers are hoping to bloom soon.

One of our tomatoes is turning, it’ll likely be ready to eat soon.

Our alexandria alpine strawberry is doing very well. Pretty foliage.

I hope to be getting the log up and running shortly- thank you all for your patience.


Fire.. June 20, 2008

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There was a big fire about a mile away from my house in the hills. It was spreading fast, but they put it out. I doubt anybody got hurt/lost anything, because it was mostly grasses burned, but you never know. The summer heat makes for perfect fire conditions.