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Not my garden, but close ;) October 15, 2008

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Hi dad!


This is going to be a ***** if I have to add tags around these for them to show up! ):<

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Tropicals! August 29, 2008

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Hey folks, one word:

School. Anyways….

My two best papayas, I’ve really pampered them.

My mango seed is sprouting, finally. It looked dead but it has a nice root and tiny sprout.

An Avo seedling, sprouted from a seed from our tree.

Lychee seed germinating!

My pepino melons are doing great. Is it a bad idea to transplant it to a bigger pot while it has fruit on it?

My Stevia Rebaudiana plant. I have two, and they’re just fantastic.


No words. Just.. Tomatoes. August 3, 2008

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Garden Pictures! All picture, no text edition July 22, 2008

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Gardenrific Picture Post June 29, 2008

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Well, my garden is coming along well, it’s really changed! The peas are at the top of their trellis, the 5 tomatoes have filled their square cage.. It’s almost overwhelming.

Here are the peas, they’re producing, and heavily.

Here are the peas themselves.. I don’t think we have the patience to let them plump up!

To the left, we have.. CUKES!

This and one other are ready to pick.



Even more garden photos. June 21, 2008

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Hello, all! I’m biding for time until a key component of my grow log arrives in the mail.

SSP’s are doing amazingly, we’ve extended the height.

The first pea is developing…

Our tomatoes are taking over, along with our cucumbers.

Sweet peas are in bloom.

Our bush beans are doing well. The nursery bought beans, however, are not.

Our Serrano and Jalapeno are both growing well.

Nearby, our regular sunflowers are hoping to bloom soon.

One of our tomatoes is turning, it’ll likely be ready to eat soon.

Our alexandria alpine strawberry is doing very well. Pretty foliage.

I hope to be getting the log up and running shortly- thank you all for your patience.


Garden: Before and After June 19, 2008

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Here are some pictures of our yard back in March.

It isn’t fun digging up boxwoods. ‘Dana Hair!

The crepe myrtles are green now, and all the grasses are gone.

Really a big difference huh? Here are some recent pictures from within a week.

Alright, some are a bit older, but it’s a huge change nonetheless. It’s amazing what can happen with some hard work and determination.

Our garden is still changing, and it’ll be a while before it’s done.