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Finally! August 10, 2008

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Sorry about the delay, I’ve finally willed myself to post!

A lot of things have been happening. I’ve received a ton of cuttings, sprouted a few papaya, got a ton of new things.

Hawaiin Papaya has germinated. It’s doing really well, I’ve got it in coco-mix and humisoil.

Here’s a large tray of Papaya, Passion Fruit, Date, Rambutan, and Lychee seeds.

My mom’s friend Jack was nice enough to give me some plumeria cuttings. Fun!

I just bought a thompson’s seedless grape today. We’re making an arbor for it soon.

Stevia Jungle! Jealous Matt? 😀

I just bought a pepino melon plant as well. I’ll have delicious pepinos soon!

Our strawberries have stopped producing and are focusing on heavy runner production. Next year..

My greenhouse is FULL of fussy Datura, begonia, impatien, and tropical cuttings right now, thanks to Jack.

I hope they root!

We pulled our Sugar snaps after the powdery mildew became too fierce. Pole beans are now in.

Melons, Sugar Baby and Crimson Sweet.


And last, but not least…


I’ll be writing a review soon on it’s performance. I really like the idea of such simple hydroponics.

‘Til next time!


Garden Pictures! All picture, no text edition July 22, 2008

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Harvest July 11, 2008

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My mom was having a particularly bad day, so me and my dad harvested some veggies for her.

There were a few firsts here. First bell pepper, Bok Choi, and first nectarines.


Gardenrific Picture Post June 29, 2008

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Well, my garden is coming along well, it’s really changed! The peas are at the top of their trellis, the 5 tomatoes have filled their square cage.. It’s almost overwhelming.

Here are the peas, they’re producing, and heavily.

Here are the peas themselves.. I don’t think we have the patience to let them plump up!

To the left, we have.. CUKES!

This and one other are ready to pick.



Prolific tomato June 25, 2008

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Well. It sure has grown. Remember the picture I took of the tomato growing in a neighbor’s sidewalk crack? I took the photo on may 16.

Here’s a photo I took yesterday, June 24..

Amazing, no? I took a cutting from it yesterday, and I hope to have it root. This is an extremely hardy tomato, which I believe to be a cherry based on the size of the blossoms.

Growing nearby, there was a nightshade growing.

Does anybody have any explanation as to why a tomato is growing so well in a crack in the ground, let alone, without much human interaction? Thanks.


Even more garden photos. June 21, 2008

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Hello, all! I’m biding for time until a key component of my grow log arrives in the mail.

SSP’s are doing amazingly, we’ve extended the height.

The first pea is developing…

Our tomatoes are taking over, along with our cucumbers.

Sweet peas are in bloom.

Our bush beans are doing well. The nursery bought beans, however, are not.

Our Serrano and Jalapeno are both growing well.

Nearby, our regular sunflowers are hoping to bloom soon.

One of our tomatoes is turning, it’ll likely be ready to eat soon.

Our alexandria alpine strawberry is doing very well. Pretty foliage.

I hope to be getting the log up and running shortly- thank you all for your patience.


Garden: Before and After June 19, 2008

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Here are some pictures of our yard back in March.

It isn’t fun digging up boxwoods. ‘Dana Hair!

The crepe myrtles are green now, and all the grasses are gone.

Really a big difference huh? Here are some recent pictures from within a week.

Alright, some are a bit older, but it’s a huge change nonetheless. It’s amazing what can happen with some hard work and determination.

Our garden is still changing, and it’ll be a while before it’s done.