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On the 10th.. August 12, 2008

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..I was stung by a bee and suffered an allergic reaction for the first time.

I’ve been stung about 3 times in the past 3 weeks, and I refuse to mow my grass because I want to have bees in the yard. I’ve only ever gotten blood poisoning before, but we’d put mud on the sting and blood poisoning wouldn’t happen.

This time, I got stung and started to get hot. Really, really hot. I rushed inside, and looked up the symptoms and I started itching really bad on my head. I was getting hives, another symptom. We didn’t know much about it, and I was hesitant to get a shot, so we put it off for a tiny bit before I went to the hospital. While my mom drove like a loony, I knew I had to have my dad give me the epipen. I had hives all over, I was so hot, I had severe chest pain, my fingertips and lips were numb. I could feel me breath getting labored. He found a good size muscle on my thigh, I patted it to numb it, and he jabbed in the needle. It didn’t hurt a bit, I counted to ten, and that sweet, sweet Epinephrine took effect. My breathing took a while to get back to normal, but I could feel it helping.

I stayed a few hours at the hospital, and because of Epinephrine (adrenaline) injection, I felt the crash. I got really tired, really sore, really fast. They monitored me for a while and told me that I had an upper-middle severity reaction. Because the reactions get worse each time you get stung, I know I have to administer the injection immediately then go to the hospital. I’m glad I’m okay, my dad was really worried and scared.

It’s funny.. I didn’t even feel the sting much. I heard my dad yell, and I thought something was wrong so within a second I was outside of the house and where he was. It wasn’t an emergency, he just wanted to make sure I could hear him, I had my headphones on. Well, somebody had been careless with picking our squash and uprooted a plant. Unfortunately, in my haste, I ran through the clover and had a small stinger in one of my smaller toes. I scraped it out with a fingernail, we got mud on it, but it was too late, I felt the heat and just had a feeling that this would be an allergic reaction. I’m happy I’ve learned what to do in this situation, it’s a dangerous allergy, but with proper precautions won’t harm me.


It’s funny… July 1, 2008

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…what little things can make you smile.


Bee’s sting. June 26, 2008

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I’m allergic to bees, no big deal. I have yet to go into anaphylactic shock even once, but when I get stung I get blood poisoning. Well, even though I’ve been really careful, a bee was sitting in the middle of the dirt, and it stung me. As soon as I stepped down, I remembered that pain, and it really hurt. I had to pull the bee out, and of course..

It stung me between the toes. I had my dad help me remove the stinger, and he then picked up a wet gob of mud, an old remedy to suck the poison from bee stings. We put it between my toes, because as the clay dries, a vaccuum sucks up all the poison. I honestly didn’t want to give myself an injection, and that was only in an anaphylactic emergency. I’m better now, and the clay-poultice took away the pain.

A possible emergency was averted today, and even after being careful I was stung. Be careful.


‘Organic’ Rant June 22, 2008

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I’m sick of seeing organic used as a buzz word. Don’t get me wrong, I love organics. I love that ‘Green’ is also catching on. But for god’s sake, this is getting stupid. And most of all, it’s affecting me, because I can’t stand stupid ****. Many times I ask people who mentions organics what it means. Not surprisingly, they have no idea. You can throw organic on anything you want, but it doesn’t make it good for the environment, or even for you. Everybody thinks if it’s organic, it must be healthy, right? I know one thing it’s unhealthy for; Your wallet.

When I go to the Farmer’s Market, I expect to be able to buy plants, veggies, and whatever else they have there, and hey, as an added bonus, maybe I can get it all for cheap. Instead, I get a rude awakening. As I entered today, a crowd had gathered. What were they doing? Waiting in line for tamales. AT 9 IN THE MORNING. We hobbled along, enjoying some of the sites. We came upon a peach stand. Nobody knows how things are supposed to taste anymore.

Now, my dad grew up in Northern California, where it’s hot as hell and everything grows amazingly. He grew up with the sweetest of veggies and fruit. When we came upon this peach stand, we were greeted by a relatively old man. Maybe he would understand good fruit? True flavor? As me and my dad picked through the peaches to see if any were good, smelling them along the way… Nary an odour graced our sniffers. The man then smelled a peach behind the counter which looked to be ripe. Looked to be tasty, dare I say… Flavorful? He offered it to us for free, so that we could try it. He swore it smelled like a peach. He swore it smelled delicious. He even told us something was wrong with our sniffers! Bah. We walked along, I don’t know about my dad, but I was afraid to try the bland smelling peach in fear of disappointment. It was.. Awful. It was ripe, but.. It was slightly sour, pithy, tasted nothing like a peach, and wasn’t sweet. IT DIDN’T EVEN HAVE PEACH FUZZ. What do they do, shave the peaches?

We ended up throwing the peach away after both me and my dad had taken a bite. It wasn’t worth even carrying it around. Nothing is worth buying at the farmer’s market because not only is it expensive, it’s of poor quality.

Here’s what bothers me: As I said earlier, nobody knows true taste. Unless the people who grow these things are lying to get fruit sold, they don’t even know how it’s supposed to taste. Apparently, pithy, hard, bitter, tasteless apricots are “Good.” I feel sorry for these people. These.. City slickers. They happily buy bad tasting fruit, but don’t know any better. They think it’s good. But if they tasted the real deal, they would feel foolish.

Back to the subject of Green and Organic.




… Huh. At first site, a naive ‘green’ person would think this was a good idea, is good for the environment, and is a renewable resource, blah.

Never mind that COTTON, WOOL, LINEN, SILK, even HEMP are natural, renewable textiles. No, we’re not happy with our cotton shirt. We have to hang out with our new ‘we help the environment’ friends and tell them ALLLLLLLLL about the benefits of a bamboo shirt. It’s all about the climate crisis, the environment, organic, green. It’s all just a fad whose participators are hypocrites. You can be green. Be whatever, I don’t care.

As long as I don’t see you, hear you, or witness you being a selfish, smug SOB, we should be on good terms.


Garden: Before and After June 19, 2008

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Here are some pictures of our yard back in March.

It isn’t fun digging up boxwoods. ‘Dana Hair!

The crepe myrtles are green now, and all the grasses are gone.

Really a big difference huh? Here are some recent pictures from within a week.

Alright, some are a bit older, but it’s a huge change nonetheless. It’s amazing what can happen with some hard work and determination.

Our garden is still changing, and it’ll be a while before it’s done.


Garden Picture Update June 16, 2008

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Happy Father’s Day, everybody! With school being ended, I’m finally able to sit back, relax, and post. I’m going to be starting this picture post with some familiar areas/plants. Our Snap peas are doing amazingly. They haven’t set flowers yet, but they’re growing really well.

Our bush cucumbers aren’t so bushy anymore, but they’re setting fruit at an alarming rate.

Our watermelons have filled up their area, and will soon break free from their bounds.

And of course, our strawberries. They’ve finally come back from their sluggishness. They’re starting heavy producing now, and we have one fat strawberry already developing.



Garden Photos May 20, 2008

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Although I’m biding my time until I receive my seeds/seed starters, garden photos make for pretty good filler 😉

My cherry tomatoes are ripening, and I’m going to find something fun to do with the first ripe one.

Holy guacamole, morning glory!

Hey, my flytrap is blooming. It’s a very interesting, short-lived flower.

A walk around the neighborhood would reveal some fun pictures…

Angel Bells!