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Spiny, wingless, fly-like creature eating my tomato plant. July 23, 2008

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… I think. They’re thick on the lower stems, and they look odd. Both they and a lot of small, golden ants are covering the stems. I was thinking they were some kind of nymph. I don’t know. They’re smaller than a normal house fly. Here are a few pics:

What are these? Will they harm my ‘maters?


2 Responses to “Spiny, wingless, fly-like creature eating my tomato plant.”

  1. hydroponica Says:

    I dunno man, but that thing is so ugly it’d be hard to believe it’s good. I’d be inclined to beat that thing to death with a hammer and soak the corpse with bleach, just to make sure.

    How do the plants look? I don’t think those bugs are harmless, but if the plant is still healthy they might not be doing any harm.

    Still… something that ugly would probably be better off dead. Yuck.

  2. Heather Says:

    OMG I have those too! What are they??? I am pretty sure that they are slowing killing off all of my plants. Let me know what you find out, PLEASE!!! Good Luck!

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