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General Hydroponics WATERFARM® Product Review July 21, 2008

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The Waterfarm is a drip hydroponic system designed for personal use. It’s small size, energy efficiency, and low price make it a great choice for a small-time home-grower. It’s simple, square design makes it possible to pack many systems side-by-side in a small space. It uses a drip ring to irrigate plants. It’s suitable for small to large plants, ranging from small leaf vegetables to heavy producers like tomatoes.

It’s roughly 10″ x “10 x 15”. It retails for about $50. Some assembly is required.

The complete system includes:

• 4-gallon reservoir
• 2-gallon growing chamber
• Pumping column
• Column support tube
• Drip ring
• 1/2″ grommet
• Drain level tube
• Elite® 800 air pump
• 9L Hydroton
• 3-part Flora Kit

I’ve recently obtained a sample Waterfarm for review. I’m so far pleased with the results.

The system is packaged in a small, tight fitting box. All of its components are packed inside the reservoir and growing chamber.

Lightweight expanded clay aggregate, or Hydroton is a growing media used in hydroponics.

The Waterfarm includes about 9 L. of Hydroton, just enough to fill the growing chamber up to the drip ring.

Because it’s shipped in a bag, it grinds together and makes a sort of sand.

It’s best if the Hydroton is washed off.

These are the components that make up the Waterfarm. The assembly guide and the instruction manual shown here are very informative. The assembly instructions are elegant and understandable.

The system gets you started by including a three-part nutrient lineup. They each have charts on the back listing nutrient amounts per gal./100 l. for each stage in a plant’s life cycle.

FloraMicro contains 5 % Nitrogen, 1% Potash, 5% Calcium.

FloraGro contains 2% Nitrogen, 1% Phosphate, 6% Potash.

FloraBloom contains 5% Phosphate, 4% Potash, 1.5% Magnesium, 1% Sulfur.

It takes a little over 2 gal. to meet the fill line in the water-level indicator. The pump running to the drip ring works most efficiently when the reservoir is at its 2 gallon capacity.

The finished product.

I do, however, have two suggestions for what could be packaged in with the Waterfarm.

A seed starting media would do wonders for starting up the system immediately. They’d hardly cost anything, and GH could use their brand of starter plugs. It would be helpful to somebody who has no seed starter otherwise.

A pH Adjustment solution and Liquid pH tester would be a great addition to the package. Control of pH is important for vigorous plant growth. Different plants like different pH. They should have include enough pH solution to adjust the first few gallons.

I’m pleased with the Waterfarm’s design and it’s simplicity.  Next: Functionality.

The nutrients that are included are easy to use and of high quality. Seemingly no fallout whatsoever occurs.

The drip ring is a nice, simple irrigation method. Keeping plants around the ring will give them a nice amount of water. However, if you move a plant to the center, be prepared to adjust the ring/hydroton to get a sufficient flow to the plant and it’s roots. I set my ring to a 45-degree angle to shoot the water from the first two holes. It works quite well and evenly coats the area around the plant, shown below.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the Waterfarm. It’s obvious that a fair amount of attention to detail went in to the design. The system’s performance and function are simple, but very efficient and affective.

If you’ve got $50 to spend and you’re looking for a great, reliable, easy to use system, I have the utmost faith in the Waterfarm. I highly recommend this system.


2 Responses to “General Hydroponics WATERFARM® Product Review”

  1. hydroponica Says:

    You’ve really got to teach me how you get so much stuff to review…

    Those hydrofarms are supposed to be really good – I read a thing awhile back about their new system that lets you daisy chain a whole bunch of them with a controller and reservoir so that you keep the solution levels constant and refreshed, and everything runs off an airpump.

  2. mark Says:

    I have a water farm and have used it for about 2/3 weeks. my plant`s leaves are going brown and it looks to me that there is not enough water getting to the plant ? what have I done wrong? can you help please………………..

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