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General Hydroponics WATERFARM® Product Review (Part II) July 15, 2008

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The long awaited second half of my Waterfarm Review is here!

The first part of the review was about the setup and appearance. This.. Is about performance.

I’ve found that the whole setup of the Waterfarm is satisfactory, at the very least. I’ll start from here:

It’s pretty user friendly. I find that a drip irrigation system is one of the most simple types of irrigation. The drip ring has a pretty good spread, both dripping and just slightly spraying at the same time. Even with my plants slightly far away from the direct drip, it keeps them quite saturated.

I’m pleased with the reservoir and pump. I’m really happy that the system will keep the plants aerated enough to let you leave the pump on 24/7.  I did find that the reservoir required a bit over 2 gal. to get it to the required limit, which leaves a bit of inaccuracy present when measuring.

I’d have to say that the best thing about the waterfarm is it’s simplicity. With a simplistic design, simplistic functions, and easy to use 3 part nutrients included with the package, a new user to hydroponics can jump right in without a lot of know how, but a seasoned grower will still feel comfortable with it.

The Waterfarm comes with all you need to get started, minus a growing medium and seeds. It’s relatively easy to hook up, functions well, and is something you can look at as reliable.
Form and function are simple. Easy to use, easy to love, I’m going to back up my ending statement from Part I by saying that whether you’re just looking to get into the wonderful word of hydroponics, or know damn near everything about it, this is a great system to have. I’d like to thank Jesse Pennington at GenHydro for this wonderful system, Matt for his information and help when I had no IDEA what I was doing, and Ben for all his help with the upcoming expo.



7 Responses to “General Hydroponics WATERFARM® Product Review (Part II)”

  1. Red Icculus Says:

    Waterfarms are great. They also allow for tiny to huge plants. Good luck with your maters at the Expo!

  2. stoatmax Says:

    Thanks Matt. They’re shaping up to be a good size before the expo.

  3. cultiv8 Says:

    You gonna grow all four of those plants in one Waterfarm?

    Pretty ambitious.

  4. stoatmax Says:

    I agree. Unfortunately, not all 4. At 2 inches tall or so, I’m choosing the best one of the lot and moving it to the center. The other will be moved to outdoor containers. I have a special use for that one tomato, which I’ll be posting about very shortly.

  5. Jesse P Says:

    Hey Max,
    Nicely done. Yes, I will be working at the Max Yield show. See you there. Glad to see you young guns taking hydro. seriously. See you in a week.

  6. hydroponica Says:

    That makes sense, Stoatmax. I didn’t think you’d be able to grow all four happily in that pot, but I didn’t want to tell you how to do your thing.

  7. stoatmax Says:

    I wouldn’t want to either! The nutrient/water usage is insane, they’d eat me out of house and home!

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