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First tomato! July 9, 2008

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Now, most people I know, and most people in general let the first tomato drop. Most first things in nature, and in everything are throwaways. We were too excited. We ate this little beauty right up.

It was terrible. But that’s alright! We expected it.




4 Responses to “First tomato!”

  1. Red Icculus Says:

    I don’t know what I am more excited about, the fruits of your labor, or the nun with an eye patch.

  2. stoatmax Says:

    I’m SO going to hell.

  3. hydroponica Says:

    LMAO, $20 says she has a heavy wooden ruler stashed about her person somewhere.

    And what she lacks in depth perception is more than made up for with divine ruler-accuracy.

    Besides, if you’re going to hell for laughing about something like this, we’re clearly going to be in the right sort of company. Whatever after-life I end up in, I hope the other people have a sense of humor, ya know?

  4. stoatmax Says:

    Amen. 😉

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