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Hydroponics Update! July 4, 2008

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After a long wait, I have an update on my hydroponic progress.

I’ve just received the needed variable to get everything going-

Sure To Grow™

For those who don’t know, Sure to Grow is company dealing in a special seed starting/sprouting media, using food contact-grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyethylene (PE), the same stuff you’ll find in Clamshell packing and beverage containers.

” STG products are inert, sterile, pH neutral, and harbor no harmful pathogens; they do not need to be pretreated like Perlite, Rockwool, and Coir.”

If you wish to see more about their product, visit




Me and my dad spent a few hours yesterday making a setup to hold my waterfarm/anything else. We’ll soon be equipping it with pandafilm to save lumens, but for now it’s fine.

It’s made of recycled lumber, and features a peg system for adjusting the lighting.

I’m germinating tomatoes then choosing the best for the Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo.

I’m going to be growing a sample tomato for the Sure to Grow booth.

Expect to see more hydroponics-related posts in the future. It’s been a big wait, but the chain has been broken!


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