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Mango Nectarine July 1, 2008

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This is a gem.

Available from late June to early August, the mango nectarine has a short season.

My dad picked me one from the store, based on the amazingly sweet smell of the fruit.

Upon smelling, feeling, and tasting it, I found that even the one he picked me wasn’t ripe.

But wait! It was delicious. Combining the flavor or a mango and a nectarine, while having no relation to a mango, the mango nectarine is sweet smelling, great tasting, and a fun flavor that can be used for a variety of dishes.

I got this MN for the hefty price of $3.00/lb.  Not exactly thrifty, but if you have the money, you have to try this one.

As for a rating, I believe this deserves an 8/10. It was sublime. It broke past the surly bonds of my expectations, and I plan to buy more in the future. The price was a little high, and it’s challenging to find a ripe fruit, but if you have the money, it’s a great buy.


6 Responses to “Mango Nectarine”

  1. Bert Vanden Says:

    I have found this fruit at Krogers Supermarkets in Houston Texas. I have purchased around 24 in the past 10 days. Price $2.99 a lb. I put this as the best fruit that me or my wife have ever tasted. I am looking to see if I can purchase a tree that will bare fruit in Houston Texas, any help?

  2. Bert Vanden Says:

    Best fruit that I found. I put the wrong e-mail address on my last reply. Thanks for any help.

  3. Shameka Says:

    This IS great! I found it for 3 bucks a pound also. I’ve never seen one before last week but it was so beautiful, Ihad to pick some up. Only bought 4 because I was afraid I wouldn’t like them but, hitting the market tomorrow to load up.

  4. stoatmax Says:

    I’m glad you like it! I tried contacting ITOpack to see where they get their plants, but their email is no longer in use. Poo.
    Better stock up soon, the season is ending around early august, I believe.

  5. abby Says:

    this is the best fruit ever i cant wait till they are in season again…they are the second love of my life

  6. Jon Says:

    I bought a few of these at The Fresh Market for $2.99 a pound. It is a little pricey for a nectarine, but it is one of the best-tasting fruits I’ve had in a while. I’m going back for more.

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