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Gardenrific Picture Post June 29, 2008

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Well, my garden is coming along well, it’s really changed! The peas are at the top of their trellis, the 5 tomatoes have filled their square cage.. It’s almost overwhelming.

Here are the peas, they’re producing, and heavily.

Here are the peas themselves.. I don’t think we have the patience to let them plump up!

To the left, we have.. CUKES!

This and one other are ready to pick.

And over in the cage, the green zebra is producing quite nicely.

What do we have here? A tomato.. With a dewclaw?

On the porch we have a few happenings as well.

FINALLY, my yellow wonder alpine strawberry germinated.

Down on the other end of the peas…

The watermelon is going crazy. We have a few already starting to develop.

Our bush beans are doing amazingly, as opposed to the nursery beans.

And to the right, our straightneck squash are looking great.

Corn flowers!

On the other side of the garden, many things are changing.

Our bell pepper is growing pretty well

Our serrano is making babies..

One of our tomatoes here.

Pole beans are kicking butt.

Our yellow sunflowers are doing well.

Bok choi is not bolting        YET

Well, that’s about it for today. As you can see, everything’s changing really quickly.


2 Responses to “Gardenrific Picture Post”

  1. red Says:

    That bok choi looks like it has tons of humus. They look so happy!

    Sorry I haven’t been around. My internet provider is being dumb.

  2. stoatmax Says:

    It’s alright.
    And yeah, the bok choi is doing great. I’m really suprised.

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