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Bee’s sting. June 26, 2008

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I’m allergic to bees, no big deal. I have yet to go into anaphylactic shock even once, but when I get stung I get blood poisoning. Well, even though I’ve been really careful, a bee was sitting in the middle of the dirt, and it stung me. As soon as I stepped down, I remembered that pain, and it really hurt. I had to pull the bee out, and of course..

It stung me between the toes. I had my dad help me remove the stinger, and he then picked up a wet gob of mud, an old remedy to suck the poison from bee stings. We put it between my toes, because as the clay dries, a vaccuum sucks up all the poison. I honestly didn’t want to give myself an injection, and that was only in an anaphylactic emergency. I’m better now, and the clay-poultice took away the pain.

A possible emergency was averted today, and even after being careful I was stung. Be careful.


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