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Garden Picture Update June 16, 2008

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Happy Father’s Day, everybody! With school being ended, I’m finally able to sit back, relax, and post. I’m going to be starting this picture post with some familiar areas/plants. Our Snap peas are doing amazingly. They haven’t set flowers yet, but they’re growing really well.

Our bush cucumbers aren’t so bushy anymore, but they’re setting fruit at an alarming rate.

Our watermelons have filled up their area, and will soon break free from their bounds.

And of course, our strawberries. They’ve finally come back from their sluggishness. They’re starting heavy producing now, and we have one fat strawberry already developing.

We’ve also purchased some new Chandler strawberries.

We hope they’ll be okay where we’re at, I’ve read that they’ve been developed almost specifically for our area of California. I chose stocky plants that I knew would serve as good parent plants. Speaking of strawberries, here’s the seedlings of my Alexandria Alpine Strawberry.

Next, we transplanted a tomato we found growing out of our compost heap. It’s believed to be a grape cherry tomato, but we’re still not sure.

Just yesterday I planted 4 eggplants and a bellpepper on the other side of our corn/sunflowers.

And across the way from those, I planted our 6 Bok choi and one toy-choi.

I’m waiting a while to pull the other 2 toy-choi seedlings. I want to see for sure who the leader is.

A small slug or earwig got to one leaf last night, as you can see in the lower left.

The buds on our bolting radishes have begun to blossom.

And my tiny tim tomato is growing at a steady pace.

Our regular tomatoes are setting fruit, and though sparse, quite a few are maturing.

My mom bought me a moth orchid for graduation, along with some pots to plant in.

My dad made a spraypainted cigar-box planter for our basil. Thanks Dad.

I bought this at the farmer’s market last week. It lured me to it, using it’s peach-cream-olive colors.

Our poppies have been blooming for a while now and are fantastic.

I bought myself a pitcher plant to keep my venus flytraps company. It cost a pretty penny, making me spend about $5.99 w/ tax.

And a special few pictures for Father’s Day. I had gotten a few vegetables/seeds for my dad for Father’s Day, it’s all he wanted. I’ll never get you, dad. I felt he hadn’t been surprised enough, as I got him exactly what he wanted and we had already planted. So, left with nothing else, I finished our Pole-bean teepee. He had finished most of it, but two or so bars at the bottom needed to be added, and the beans planted. I did that, along with planting our Serrano and Jalapeno nearby.

I want to say happy Father’s Day to all of you dad, all of you who have dads, and of course, my dad. I’ll see everybody later, look forward to seeing frequent posts once more.


2 Responses to “Garden Picture Update”

  1. Red Icculus Says:

    Sorry I didn’t catch you before Father’s Day Max. Sounds like it turned out well.

    The garden looks great. The orchid and strawberrys look great for the time of season. It is still a bit early in the season for bok choi, so hopefully it doesn’t bolt. Mine already have.

    Need any other seeds to play with?

  2. stoatmax Says:

    What’ve you got? You’ve piqued my interests.

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