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URGENT PROBLEM! June 9, 2008

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My tomatoes are going through something awful right now, and I don’t know what. The stems that the flowers are on start to bend, and then break off completely. I can’t find any trace of this problem online, so please, if you know what’s wrong, contact me through comment immediately.

Thank you.

In other news, PICTURES.

I got this at the Farmer’s Market for one dollar.

Creamy colored, I just love it.

These were for 80 cents a piece.

Our poppies are blooming and are more wonderful than I expected.

A wood burl my mom found, possibly redwood.

These were delicious:

Nasturtiums have started blooming.

And also, Cucumber blossoms!

Well, this post is over. Sorry for the slow update, I’ve been really busy, but now the school year is almost over, so I have time to post.


3 Responses to “URGENT PROBLEM!”

  1. Red Icculus Says:

    It might just be the variety of tomaters you chose. If they don’t get fertilized properly, a lot of times, they just drop off. Do you have bees in your area?

  2. stoatmax Says:

    Yes, but not many.

  3. hydroponica Says:

    You can also pollinate your tomatoes with an electric toothbrush. Just turn it on and touch it to the branches with mature, fully-open flowers. The vibration shakes the pollen loose, similarly to the way the vibration of the insect wings does it.

    Bees definitely do it better, but that’s one nice way to do it yourself. Works for me.

    Oh, and if you want to impersonate a bee, try to do it between noon and 3pm. Don’t ask me why, I just heard that’s when it works best.

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