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End of the year work June 6, 2008

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So, tomorrow is the grade cut-off date, and I’ve been hauling arse making up work to get my grade as high as possible before Graduation. I’ve had a lot of work I’ve been doing, but bear with me and in a while I’ll give you all a good post, mmkay?

Here’s one:


3 Responses to “End of the year work”

  1. stoatmax Says:

    You know it! Unfortunately, due to a lighting mistake, they’re pretty leggy.

  2. hydroponica Says:

    Heh, you oughta see my first lettuce plant. It’s sitting on a long coiled-up stem because I had it under some poor light to begin with.

    But I’ve hidden that particular mistake under the hydroton. Yours aren’t even half as bad as mine was/is.

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