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Japanese Maple and Garden Photos. June 2, 2008

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My mom and I both recently purchased one Japanese maple each, a long awaited favorite of mine. It was very modestly priced at $13.00. It has a thick trunk, great structure, and seems very healthy.

I especially like the thick trunk. It’s straight, and very sturdy.

And in other news, my Tomato has germinated.

And the Alexandria Alpine Strawberries.

And finally, a bonus. I love these pictures, they took really well.

I’d like to end my post saying thank you to my dad for showing me a new close-up technique on a camera.


One Response to “Japanese Maple and Garden Photos.”

  1. 1curb Says:

    Your Japanese maple looks Awesome for $13 here in Nashville they go for around $100 for that size. And yours is a Monrovia Product which is really good. I love Japanese maples and use them in my projects all the time. My home page is and I have a japanese maple page
    I hope you can get some good info from it.
    The like to be under another tree getting dappled light.
    Good luck

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