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Garden Photos May 31, 2008

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Hokay meng, another picture post.

So all 3 toy-choi seeds germinated. I found it interesting that on Burpee’s website it looks very different thanthe amazing choi that Matt grew. It was most likely the nutrients.

The spinach is just starting to germinate as well.

I’m keeping the seeds that require light to germinate in a homemade contraption.

When you take an old ‘Angel’s food cake’ container, spraypaint the inside black so it will absorb heat to help germination, put a 150 w CFL above it, and close it in between a curtain of white-spraypainted cardboard box, you get something like this..

Also, my dad made me the most beautiful planterbox. It’s amazing, and we’re going to put it up soon. It’s going to contain sweet peas and strawberries.

My cassia germinated, and rather quickly.

A four o’ clock cutting is starting to bloom now.

Bush beans. Hooray.

That pink rose bloomed. It’s cup shaped, and even has a faint smell.

A fuschia we slipped is starting to flower, despite it’s small size.

And now for something completely different:

This is my paper-maché spirit animal.

Cobra, Tortoise, and Spider.

Alright, I cheated and chose animals that would be interesting to make, but all the personality test animals I got were similar in species.

I got 2nd place in a contest for the best one. I’m proud of my Scurtle!

Well, I felt energetic about taking photos today, so it seems they all turned out good. I’m happy with the results.


3 Responses to “Garden Photos”

  1. Red Icculus Says:

    Those look like happy little bok choi sprouts.

    The GH nutrients that came with your waterfarm will do great things. I think mine looked like they were on steroids because of humic/fulvic acid that I added. Either way, “toy choi” is a great breed of bok choi.

  2. stoatmax Says:

    humic/fulvic acid? Was it in the FloraNova nutrients, or seperate, because your bok choi was amazing.

  3. Red Icculus Says:

    There is a tiny bit of humic in Flora Nova, but GH’s supplement called “Floralicious” that I used has humic/fulvic, B vitamins, and beneficial bacteria. It is kind of spendy, so I would do a straight hydro run before playing the additive game.

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