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Another picture post! May 28, 2008

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These are fun, so here it comes again!

First of all:


We’ve made a bed for our watermelons now.

And corn gets to come along..

Our onions sprouted.

I put some SSP’s in the city planter by our yard;

And the rest are doing A-OK.

Our marigolds have been doing great since we’ve been diligently deadheading them.

We got this piece of wood from the beach and we’re going to stick in the ground and hang pots at different levels from it.

We got these great seed pods from a lady down the street. The poppies were bright red and giant.

They opened recently and we poured the seeds out.

I am spent! I hope you enjoy my photos, have a great day.


One Response to “Another picture post!”

  1. Red Icculus Says:

    Your corn is so tall already. Everyone in my parts had to delay corn planting because it was too wet.

    I love poppies, they are one of my favorite flowers. Be careful though. It is only legal to wildcast the seed (like in a field or patch of dirt). Any manipulation of the plants (by growing in a flower pot or trimming the poppy straw) can be considered illegal unless you have a low/no morphine seed stock.

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