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Life update May 25, 2008

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Hey everyone, I’ve been a bit busy lately. Gardening stuff, life stuff. Anyways, I got my seeds from Victory Seeds and from Burpee. Victory has packaged my seeds cleanly and professionally, and the delivery was nearly instantaneous. Burpee nearly achieved the same, except my seeds were packaged in an unpadded container. Either way, I’m happy with all of my seed purchases online.

Well, the Farmers Market was fun. We don’t have too many people selling live plants there, but we have a few. The live-veggie lady, the Japanese orchid lady, the old-world lady selling the trained fuschia trees, but, alas, I’m rambling. The Farmers Market is a really fun place, and it has something for everyone. Kettle Corn, Pastries, Fresh veggables, and much more.

Eh. Things’ve been fun lately. Boring, but fun. I’ll make a photo-post today though, I promise.



One Response to “Life update”

  1. Red Icculus Says:

    Farmer’s markets are great. The only problem is once they get big enough like the Minneapolis one, they aren’t produced locally anymore to be able to carry out-of-season stuff.

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