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Garden Photos May 20, 2008

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Although I’m biding my time until I receive my seeds/seed starters, garden photos make for pretty good filler 😉

My cherry tomatoes are ripening, and I’m going to find something fun to do with the first ripe one.

Holy guacamole, morning glory!

Hey, my flytrap is blooming. It’s a very interesting, short-lived flower.

A walk around the neighborhood would reveal some fun pictures…

Angel Bells!

This cactus is just amazing. It’s needles slant and curve to look like pentagons and hexagons and other fascinating structures.

One of our friends has an accidental tomato: Which is growing in a sidewalk crack. Gasp 😮

One of our favorite gardens has some interesting nasturtiums:

And now, for the grand finale.

The butterfly had just emerged from its cocoon, and was drying its wings.

Well, that concludes this picture post.


In my Waterfarm, I will be growing 3 strawberries, one tiny tim tomato, one early hybrid spinach, and one ‘toy choi’


3 Responses to “Garden Photos”

  1. Paul Sears Says:

    Nice – very cool, especially the caterpillars!

  2. Red Icculus Says:

    Hey Max,

    Your “Angel Bells” are actually an extremely poisonous Datura, whose common name is “Angel’s Trumpet”. They smell intoxicating in full bloom, but can kill pets and people.

  3. naturehills Says:

    Great photos! I especially like the butterfly shot. Always a goal of mine to spot butterflies in my garden, one of my favorite pastimes.

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