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Garden update! May 19, 2008

Filed under: Garden — stoatmax @ 9:38 am

Bleh. No-picture post.(I’m lying. There’ll be a few pictures that I took today) The ones I took for it were.. Just awful. I didn’t calibrate my camera right. I had it set on fine, didn’t have a tripod with me… Anyways. The sideyard! Uh oh. Another bad picture.

The place behind my tomato trellises!  We’ve dug it up except for a patch of grass in the front. We have a few watermelon plants that we’re putting in, and they’re happy now. See? His frown is gone!

It was a messy job to dig up, but we got it done. We’ll amend the soil in a day or two, and have the watermelons in.


One Response to “Garden update!”

  1. laurel huggins Says:

    Hi there, I heard about your blog and find it really cool. I like the beginning and look forward to keep logging on to see where you go with it.
    Am really interested in what you do with the hydroponics.

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