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General Hydroponics WATERFARM® Product Review (Part I) May 17, 2008

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When I came home to find that my Waterfarm had arrived, I was ecstatic.

After reading the labels on the front, I sliced through the packaging to find the box stuffed to the brim with parts and manuals. I was first met by a large bag of hydroton, or the hydroponic growing media. It had some dusty clay particles in it, but I rinsed them off.

I then spent 5 minutes setting up a pretty shot of all the items, just for you. The instruction manual was very clear and understandable, with illustrations for even more clarity. The pieces of the system are all very sturdy, and all fit snugly into one another.

Nutrients! They contain and assortment of goodies such as FloraMicro, which contains Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, and many other plant-helpers to provide a base nutrient for the other two, FloraGro and FloraBloom and to provide for rapidly growing plants. Along with FloraMicro, FloraGro specializes in the vegetative growth of plants, while FloraBloom specializes in the flowering and fruiting growth. The amount of information on their labels is abundant, and very helpful.

I started to set up the system, and found it was really easy.

The blue tube is a water-level indicator.

Skip forward a few minutes, and SHAZAM!

It was very easy to set up, and was an interesting experience. I’ve yet to plant anything or add nutrients, but I have it running because of the suprisingly soothing sound that resonates from the splashing water. It is a stylish container, and very roomy. Everything about it is easy to use, and for beginners like me, a great experience.

Though I have not yet planted anything in the Waterfarm, I highly recommend buying one. Whether using it for flowers, large veggies, or small herbs, it is a great addition to the garden or home.


4 Responses to “General Hydroponics WATERFARM® Product Review (Part I)”

  1. Red Icculus Says:

    That’s awesome! GH is my favorite company for being the oldest and best. Keep us updated!

  2. Herry Peter Says:

    Amazing photos for sharing,Hydroponic is best process for growing plants very quickly and easily but some precautions have to taken for do this one.

  3. hydroponics Says:

    There are several types of hydroponics garden systems used in hydroponics gardening. The passive system is the most exploited. Here the plants are grown directly on the nutrient solution.

  4. Perk Clery Says:

    In Hydroponics, plants do not grow in soil. Instead, the plants are grown in a water-based medium or other growing mediums like coir, rockwool, etc. Growing plants using hydroponics is advantageous in urban areas, where space is at a premium.

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