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Garden Photos! May 14, 2008

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I’m not one to waste an opportunity to post, so here are pictures of my garden/plants.

I’ve been growing a sweet potato in an old fishbowl, and something miraculous has happened!

Those little white spikes coming from the potato are roots!

This poor guy’s been in his pot for quite a while now, and we’re in the process of making room for him and his other watermelon pals.

My cat Jemima. Easily the smartest cat I’ve ever met. We got her for free on craigslist, she was the runt of the litter, the last one left, and was bullied by the older cats there. We brought her home, found out she wasn’t housetrained (what a mess) and to this day she still wont use the litter box, but she uses the outside to go to the bathroom. She’s warmed up to us quickly since we adopted her, and she is truly our cat, now.

A few of my succulents. They’re growing in a piece of driftwood I found at the beach and carved into a pot.

My Flytraps, growing swimmingly in trays of water and a humidity retention mini-greenhouse. They’re all growing pretty well, I’d say.

Oh baby, don’t be nasty. These are the seedlings of a variety of nasturtium sporting mahogany-red blooms.

My Radish/Leaf lettuce Box. Constantly bombarded by earwigs. Ach!

A trellis for our tomatoes and one for our sugar snap peas. Both are handmade of bamboo and river cane.

A city-planted Acacia tree. Can you believe they planted a deciduous tree?! It looks nice, nonetheless, and we fertilize it.

The amount of mulch was too large so we took a lot of it out, and planted some bulbs. They will have number pretty red blooms.

Some sunflowers we planted in large number. They’re of a bird-feeding type and have deep red-yellow blooms.

We plant radish-rings around nearly everything, but especially around tomatoes. I read somewhere that they were a beneficial pair, but I’m not sure. Does anybody have anything to say about it or know if that’s correct?

A path me and my dad laid using marble/wood/driftwood.

A large space in our sideyard. We have yet to Weed-whack the area, put in our greenhouse, and set up some tables and chairs near the back so we can have a private garden space.

I’ve already posted a picture of this, but I wanted to say that I have joint ownership of it with all the slugs, snails, and earwigs in my garden.

Note to self: Never fertilize nasturtiums.

Two great items I got at the same garage sale as the wooden basket. I can use the colander as a planter and the watering can to water.

The area under my hose is covered in babytears. It’s thicker than a carpet.

Ever since we fertilized, the cherry tomatoes seemed to take on a new, revitalized leaf structure, it seems. The leaves now have a healthy sheen, are soft to the touch, and have a great texture. I didn’t use any special fertilizer, just Miracle-Gro.

A basket of some of my favorite herbs. Delicious! 🙂 I took some of the herbs we already had growing, and planted them in this wooden basket I found at a garage sale.

The first flower on the second stalk of my Oncidium Lambaba ‘Cutey’ has just blossomed.

Well, that concludes this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures of my garden `-`


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    Engaging writing.. Will come back again…

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